Ashdown AGM- 5C Watt Combo Amp

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New to us here at Knighton Music, we're loving the Ashdown range, why not pop in and give them a try!

Built to order from our factory in the UK. 

Designed by renowned British valve guru Dave Green the AGM(Ashdown Guitar Magnifier) range has been carefully considered, designed and constructed for the modern world where portability, low power options and real valve tones are paramount.

Each and every AGM is designed, engineered and lovingly constructed using only the finest hand selected components at the Ashdown HQ in Essex, England.

The AGM-5C is designed for genuine tonal purists wanting luscious British valve driven guitar tones but at home/studio friendly volume levels combined with a host of modern player friendly features yet dripping in vintage tonality.

The AGM-5C offers crisp and clear clean tones with real warmth, depth and sparkle but dial up the gain and you will soon be in hard rock heaven with heavily overdriven touch sensitive sounds available.

The AGM-5C produces 5 watts of all valve power which is delivered via a carefully chosen Celestion 12" Creamback G12-65 M premium speaker. However, the Stealth switch allows you to reduce the output to around 1 watt and also activates the ASC (Active Speaker Compensation) which helps to retain the tonal depth and bass response even at very low volume levels.

For silent late night sessions the AGM-5C features a speaker mute switch which cuts power to the speaker whilst activating the internal dummy load leaving the player safe to enjoy the amplifier silently via headphones as well as the cabinet emulated Record Out feature for direct recording.

Accutronics studio grade reverb provides real depth to clean tones when required and an FX Loop allows the players favourite modulation/time based pedals to be hooked up straight to the power amp for optimal sonic clarity.

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